What Is A Missional Church?

One of the great recoveries of doctrine in our day has been the recovery of the Missio Dei. That’s a fancy Latin term for what we call the mission of God. The word “missio” is the Latin word that means “sent.” It’s the “sentness” of the church.

God is a missionary God. And what we mean is that God sends the Son. The Son is both sent by the missionary God and is a missionary. He and the Father send the Spirit. The Spirit is actually a missionary Spirit too – the sent One – sent into the world with a purpose.

And as John 20:21 says, “As the Father has sent Me, so I send you.” We are all sent! Every Christian is a sent one. There’s no such thing as an un-sent Christian who does not get to participate in the eternal purposes of God in and through the church. And all of us get to play!

It’s not so much that the church has a mission, it’s that the mission has a church.

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Michael “Stew” Stewart
Founding Director, Verge Network & Conference

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  1. Denise Shrives

    Read the book by Frans Hancke,”We are the Plan.”