Hoaxes and false news reports in Christian media and social networks.

Christians need to be less vulnerable and more discerning before passing any news on.

Just simply forwarding sensational news or incorrect information often brings negative results.

A number of hoaxes and false news reports surface regularly in the Christian media and social networks.   

Examples of these include

•   Emails with photographs of Muslims praying in Madison Ave, New York

•   SMS messages reporting that 22 Christian families were abducted in Afghanistan

•   Emails with a picture of a young boy being punished by having his armed crushed by a truck

•   Reports of Christians who were burnt to death in Nigeria

All of these reports are either half truths or full lies.

INcontext helps to verify any questionable articles or messages and offers a HOAXOLOGY page on our website for the purpose of verification and clarification.

If you have anything you would like to have researched please email your question to our Head of Research: andrew@incontextministries.org

For the full stories, click on the picture above or visit our HOAXOLOGY page at:


2 responses to “Hoaxes and false news reports in Christian media and social networks.

  1. We all should be encouraging each other to trust the Holy Spirit to reveal untruths and suspected hoaxes. These are handy web links to help us to investigate further.

  2. Adriaan Hattingh

    Gaan die inhoud eers na by bv. http://www.hoax-slayer.com, http://www.snopes.com of http://www.hoaxbusters.org voor jy dit aanstuur. Dit is soms verbasend om te sien vir hoeveel jare sommige van die e-posse sirkuleer.