The Powerful Role Prayer Plays in Missions

The Powerful Role Prayer Plays in Missions        

By Shane Bennett  (Missions Catalyst)

If there’s anything more potent in shaping missions vision than taking Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, it’s teaching it. In fact, if you’ve not taught (or coordinated) Perspectives before, I encourage you to give it serious thought. A few days ago God challenged me while I was preparing to teach the lesson on eras of mission history. (Actually, “preparing” is a little generous. I was really just reviewing a brilliant lesson plan Marti Wade had loaned me!)

I was impressed again with the powerful role prayer seems to have played in modern missions, from the early Moravian movement to Hudson Taylor, and in many instances both between and since. Thinking of a particular church I’m trying to mobilize, I realized I’ve talked, cajoled, encouraged, challenged, and strategized with little response. What I have not done is mobilize prayer. Now I’m changing course.

I invite you to consider doing the same, though you may already pray far more and better than I do.

This issue contains two things to digest. The first: a sermon clip from John Piper. Prayer Causes Things to Happen is likely the best four minutes of video I’ve seen this year! Watch it and pass it along.

The rest of this month’s Practical Mobilization column is given to the second thing, a prayer for the next generation of kingdom warriors from my friend Nathan D’Jiim. Please read this. Pray it. Pass it along to others who may do likewise. Then look forward with me in great hope to the ways God will answer this powerful prayer.

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