Cat and Dog PRAYER

BOOK: Cat and Dog Prayer  

Source: UnveilinGLORY

Cat and Dog Prayer: Rethinking Our Conversations with Our Master, by Bob Sjogren and Gerald Robison. Biblica Publishing, 2010. 115 pages.

It is said that dogs live to please their masters while cats think their masters exist to please them. Many of us fall into the same trap when we relate to God, and our prayers reflect it. If Christians, as the authors report, average three to seven minutes a day in prayer (much of it giving thanks for food), it looks like most of us are too busy for prayer or have lost interest.

“Our natural tendency is to be self-absorbed, especially in how we pray. Our prayers are more of a laundry list that revolves around ‘us’ and our needs and comfort. Because God rarely answers these kinds of prayers, many of us quickly give up on praying, believing that God doesn’t answer prayer.  As a result, we end up checking in from time to time making sure he knows we’re there and reminding him of our needs – hoping he’ll do something about them.”

Cat and Dog Prayer, a sequel to Cat and Dog Theology, is designed to help the reader move you from self-centered prayers to God-focused prayers. It’s a quick read, hard hitting, and  makes points you will be able to remember and put into practice.  

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