Sharing the Good News with I$lam

Want to share the Good News with Mu$lims, but don’t know how?

I recieved a letter from Piet Strydom from Petra Ministries Church, follow it up and want to share it here for your information and support.
“In July 2008 during a Muslim presentation held by Yusuf Ismail (where he blasphemed the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ), I met an incredible Christian man, Ben (for safety reasons, not his real name).
Ben did not hesitate to confront these Islamic scholars on their blatant lies and deceitful teachings against the Bible.
Over the past years, I witnessed Ben change into a leader amongst apologetically empowered Christians for the cause to deliver the gospel amongst Muslims in South Africa. If I say that he delivers the gospel to Muslims, I mean he physically does so! He visits Muslims and gives Bibles, speaks to them, answers their questions, organises missionary work in Lenasia, builds missionary groups and much more.
Ben not only stops at this crucial actions, but you will also, except from finding him in Lenasia every Tuesday, come rain or flood, he will be busy inviting international debaters and speakers, such as Jay Smith, James White, and others. This is most probably one of the most effective methods to convey the message of Jesus to audiences, where hundreds of Muslims and Christians attend to witness the truth. Believe me, Ben is one of the most dangerous orators to those Muslim scholars who deceives innocent Muslims and others into Islam.
Due to the international economic decline, Ben (a B.Sc graduate) had to seek other employment a few years ago when he lost his work at a government branch of science and research. New employment was scarce. Ben never stopped to do his missionary work and eventually decided to engage fulltime into this calling.
This mail of mine is to beg of you to consider assisting this champion of God wherever possible. He is married and has two sons in school. As you know, with the financial circumstances currently in South Africa, donations to missionary work and churches are the first to decline.
Please consider your assistance with any help possible. The smallest contribution available will bring joy to his family over the coming festive season. Please consider a pledge of a few Rand per month, or if you are able to partially support this man in his work (he delivers to Jesus), please do it. Don’t hesitate.”
You can pay your contribution into the Petra Ministries’ account, but please remember to note that it should be to the credit of their Missionary, Ben.
To get more information about Ben as well as Bank details of the PETRA-Church that oversees this missionary’s ministry, please contact Piet Strydom at 082-8512738, or email <>
God bless you.
Piet Strydom.
082 851 2738

2 responses to “Sharing the Good News with I$lam

  1. It’s an inspiration to read about Ben’s work. Every Christian has received the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to bring the good news to whom ever the Lord causes to cross his/her path. May Ben inspire others to follow his example and so to unleash the awesome power of God’s spirit on a world that is in dire need of the Saviour.