Gebeur Dissipelskap in jou bediening?

Ja, die woord “Dissipelskap” is oorbekend en word deur almal gebruik wat in een of ander bediening in ‘n gemeente betrokke is, maar gebeur dit in die praktyk? Wat is dan verkeerd? Of is daar niks verkeerd nie?

Hierdie artikel van “Mission Frontier” het my diep laat nadink oor my betrokkenheid by en doen van “dissipelskap”. Hoe vaar jy?

“Business as Usual” Won’t Work

All the great inventions of history have also led to great “destruction.” The invention of the automobile destroyed the horse-drawn carriage business; the telephone destroyed the telegraph; the light bulb made gas lamps obsolete. Economists refer to this process as creative destruction. When I was a kid, all we had were rotary dial telephones. I haven’t seen one of those recently.
If managed properly, this process of creative destruction can lead to a brighter future for all of us. But there are always those that want to hang on to the past because it is comfortable and familiar. Change is often difficult. But change is necessary for us to embrace a brighter future, especially if the status quo is keeping us from doing what God has called us to do.
It will require a willingness to change the way we typically think about making disciples and doing church for this new technology of 4×4 movement starts to gain widespread acceptance and use.
Pastor Gary Stump of Fishers, IN has started an emerging 4×4 movement through his new church plant. In his article starting on page 15 he writes,
I realized that in my 22 years as a pastor I had encouraged, challenged, rebuked, motivated, inspired and even scolded Christians toward disciple-making. But I had never taught them how to make a disciple. It had never occurred to me that my first responsibility as a pastor in “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:11-13) was to teach them how to make disciples who were able to make disciples (2 Tim 2:2).
Many millions of believers have never developed the confidence and the competence for making disciples because they have never been taught this essential skill. Listening to lectures on disciple-making is not enough. The reality of our human nature is that we learn by doing, not just listening or watching.

Jesus understood this.
Jesus trained his disciples by taking them along with him and then sending them out to practice. When they returned, they were debriefed and Jesus gave them correction before sending them out again. This was an apprenticeship type model of training in which the disciples learned by doing. Applying this “hands on” model of discipleship is the only way to effectively train disciple-makers. 4×4 Movement Starts are based on this reality.
We can stick with the comfortable status quo, where most believers do not make disciples and churches do not plant new churches, but the price we are already paying for this passivity is high and will only increase with time. The Church is in decline in the West and there are still over 7,000 unreached peoples waiting to be reached. Let us instead embrace the brighter future of 4×4 Movement Starts where disciples make disciples and plant reproducing churches.

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