Mullin testimony and teaching about Prayer for sick people.

Michael & Aster Mullins from Ireland / Holland were with me on the ship 20+ years ago. They live in Ireland. In 2011 their 5th child was diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma cancer, which had by then spread to all his bones, except to the bones in his hands and feet, and he had a tumor measuring 7cm x 8cm x 21cm. This is their journey of what they’ve learned about God’s thoughts on healing, and how to pray for people who are sick. Please take the time to listen / read what happened to little 17-month old Andrew. I wish I had learned this earlier in my life. When I go now to pray for the kids with cancer in the big hospital in our city, I will pray differently.
Interesting: my sister, who passed away earlier this year, had a media interview with Michael when we were on the ship.
To listen to the teaching that the Mullins refer to, go to:
To read their testimony, go to:

(Source: Annelie Naude op FB)

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