TESTIMONY: God at work today!

Peet FotoPeet Simonis, who works for the Lord in Africa, tells how God used a $300 gift to get Bibles worth $30 000 for Madagascar:

An elderly lady and her husband greeted me at our small veggie shop here in Johannesburg some time ago. Dieuwke and Peter are their names and we’ve known each other for years though we seldom have contact.

Dieuwke asked if I have a financial need  because they would like to give us some money. I said thanks but no thanks – the Lord has provided in all our needs.

“And what about Madagascar – can it be used there maybe?”

“Well just at this time I’m praying about getting them more Bibles – the growing church there needs a lot. But this is BIG money and I can’t say my faith is at a high right now…”

She smiled. “I know that feeling and will deposit our donation in your bank account. SMS particulars to me please. It’s not a big amount “  she said apologetically as we said our goodbyes.

I did not even know she knew about our involvement in Madagascar and was more than surprised at this meeting. As I prayed it over, I felt this is a sign from Above – I should again order a supply of Malagassy Bibles.

So far over a number of years we got them 145000 and the Lord always provided the money to the printers in Minsk, Russia who produce quality Bibles at about $3 a piece.

Believers and ministries who are interested to invest in  Bible projects at my request usually pay the printers direct and to get money sent to me like the $300 (R5000) I received from Dieuwke a few days later,  is the exception.

This ministry of providing Bibles in regions where they are difficult and expensive to get – like in remote parts of Madagascar, has been going on for years. It was started by a friend of mine – Rudy Lack, who went to be with the Lord some seven years ago.

With the help of local pastors, I concluded a deal with the Madagascar Bible Society to print. By way of royalty we were to give them a percentage of all the Bibles we bring into that country where a revival seems to be going on. Thousands of new churches sprung up – with very few Bibles. One Mission Society (formerly Oriental Mission Society) alone reported on 3000 new churches and we supplied them with more than 35 000 over a period of three years.

To fill a container we need to order about 20 000 Bibles. This time I ordered only 10 000 asking the Lord’s forgiveness for my little faith and praying for more.

Without my knowlege the printer in Minsk send a letter to some dear friends and co-workers in Switzerland saying there’s still a lot of space in the container. The Lord spoke to their hearts and they donated 10 000 French New Testaments and 40 000 Gospels of Luke. They also paid for 5000 of the Bibles.

All these Scripture portions and Bibles arrived in Madagascar a week ago and The Bible Society and One Mission Society got their shares right away (6000 Bibles).

And so something that started so small – a “chance” meeting with old grandma Dieuwke and her question: ‘What about Madagascar?’ and the $300 dollars she sent,  started off something big and valuable to the Kingdom.

On March 5th was my wife Esther’s birthday. Dieuwke was one of the guests invited. She was deeply touched when I told her how the Lord had used her gift and then she told us about the sudden  death of her 22 year old grand daughter who had left her some money from her savings. It was of that money that she gave the $300 for Madagascar Bibles.

“I could not understand why she left it to me. Did she know she was going to meet the Lord soon?

Why else would such a young woman  with a long life expectancy bequest money to her grandma of almost eighty years old?

Now we understand … and are greatly comforted.”

*Anele died of a blood clot that stuck in her heart after a gall bladder operation.

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