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Missiographics in Your Mailbox from Global Missions InternationalMissiographics
Lenses on Reaching the World (April 26, 2016 – Volume 4 – Issue 9) Everything in our world can be viewed through different lenses. Each lens provides a unique approach. Through these various lenses we begin to understand more fully how God is moving in today’s fast-paced and complex world. Below are infographic resources to help you see the global need for evangelization in unique and powerful ways.

Featured Infographic:
While we are looking through the lens of nation states and people groups, increasingly we are also looking at need for evangelism from the standpoint of major urban centers. This month’s featured infographic is done by International Project and highlights the need for the gospel in New York City.
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Featured Collection:
The Center for the Study of Global Christianity has put together an excellent resource page of free maps, infographics and tables to give you new insights into the macro-level view of Christianity around the world in comparison with other major religions.
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Day for the Unreached:
On May 15, we will be celebrating International Day for the Unreached.
Find out more here.
Also, take a look at our Pinterest Board of Unreached People Group Infographics here.
7 Stats You Need to Know:
GMI has also put together yet another lens to look at the global need. We call it “The 7 Stats You Need to Know to Serve the King in 2016.” By engaging with 7 statistics, it provides a unique view of our world in 2016.
View the infographic here, and pre-order the upcoming book that expands on each of the 7 Stats! Order here.
Unreached People Group Handouts:
For some of the best thinking on the concept of People Groups, don’t forget to visit Joshua Project’s site. Take a look at this page of 25 visual handouts they have created.
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