Thriving in Difficult Places: Member Care for Yourself and Others

A must read for all Missionary Care leaders.
New Member Care Manual; 24 Corresponding PowerPoints; 320 Free eBooks

  • Three volumes of a total of 930 pages packed with practical ideas for missionary care! Title: Thriving in Difficult Places: Member Care for Yourself and Others by Brenda Bosch © 2014.
  • Written for the novice and non-professional —easy to use!
  • Easy to navigate and find what you need now, without reading it all.
  • For Westerners and non-Westerners.
  • In a free PDF (93 pages), see what 2,086 workers said in an online anonymous survey!
  • 3 volumes available in hard copy (printed) and soft copy (PDF) formats.
  • Twenty-four corresponding PowerPoints (in PDF format) as effective teaching tools for you to use, corresponding with each heading and bullet of the handbook. These are with colour, photos, drawings, graphs and charts. Available at
  • Discounted prices for e-books and Power Points (both in PDF format): pricing for missionaries with passports from the developing world will pay less for these products, so that it is affordable for everyone. The sliding scale for lower prices kicks in only after registration, based on your Billing Address which is your passport country address. We depend on your honesty and integrity in this matter.
  • 320 Early Birds – Download Volume 1 e-book (PDF) for free!!

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