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To Register on the FB Blad: In Conversation about Islam (Tans met 469 “likes”)

Please help! Read my latest post and respond please:

This goal of this Page: “In Conversation about Islam”, was to MOBILIZE Christians to share the love of God (the Gospel) with Muslims. The focus of this page is to encourage believers and give advice and tools how to do it the best way. Not to ‘Debate’ or ‘Preach’ but to ‘Invite’, to ‘Share’ and to ‘Testify’.
1) May be the first step should be to change our LOGO to a more positive Muslim friendly entrance. (any proposals?)
2) I already change the wording on the ABOUT section (Please look).
3) Therefore, what will be a better NAME for this Page? “CONVERSATION WITH MUSLIMS” or “INVITATION TO MUSLIMS”?
What do you think? Do you agree? Any proposals? Please respond!

Please Message or eMail me for a discussion on this as well as a list of other FB-Pages and Groups where one can contribute in this regard.

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