I want to share with you… $20 FREE when Invest in Bitcoin by eToro

I want to share with you… an easy way to trade your savings (and get a Free BONUS of $20 with your first investment)

eToro for Bitcoin:

The world’s leading social trading network. (Click on the Logo to see more)

  • On eToro you can trade any international shares of your choice. (ALSO this new buzz Money: Bitcoin – the first ever digital, decentralized coin… you can these days even pay with it at Pick&Pay)
  • I tested eToro’s online share trading platform now already for a number of years. It’s easy, it’s legal and safe. I always got my money back when I needed to sell any shares and withdraw my savings again.
  • Easy: You do payments from your credit card in your own currency and withdrawals is paid back in the same card.

* Yes, Good News for you…

when you register from this referral, you immediately received an extra $20 incentive on your first deposit. YES, $20 FREE BONUS!

To create your own account, just click here http://etoro.tw/2w79RZN


* Look to the interview: Bill Gates: Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be https://youtu.be/e6KRp91YAw8
* There are a lot of ‘help’ advices and eToro training video’s https://youtu.be/cBpbs6ONgXA
Also look to… http://think–big.com/bitcoin-the-simple-way/ 

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