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Frank Viola on… The Kingdom of God

“In the book I’m currently writing on the kingdom of God, I explore the stunning beauty of the King, how to enter the kingdom, enjoy its riches, proclaim, embody, demonstrate, and inherit it.

The kingdom of God is the true empire and it stands against all other empires, allegiances, lords, and kings.

The only kingdom that will stand in the end is the royal domain of Jesus Christ. All other kings will be displaced. All other rulers will be uprooted.

The gospel of libertinism says, “You are welcome in God’s kingdom, and you don’t have to change.”

The gospel of legalism says, “You are not welcome in the kingdom unless you change.”

The gospel of the kingdom and Jesus Christ the King say, “I welcome you into my kingdom, and as a result, you will change.”

The kingdom of God confronts you and me. The future has invaded the present. The life of the age to come stands before us, calling you and me to enter and enjoy it.

The kingdom demands a radical decision. So radical that it’s put in terms of “pressing in” and “taking it with violence.” This is the true “radicalization” to the true “empire.” All other allegiances are counterfeits. All other pursuits are distractions.

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Listen to a message on the remarkable gospel of the kingdom.

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Why Mission among the unreached?

One of the best video’s on the subject of Mobilising for missions among the unreached. (Only 4 minutes)
Use it in your church service, discuss it and decided together what you can do.