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MORE News on ISLAM as well as information and material with the aim to share the Christian faith with Muslim people.

The meaning of the word I-S-L-A-M for a Christian should be = I Sincerely Love All Muslims... because God loves the World (John 3:16).  

John 11:51-52  Caiaphas, being high priest that year… he prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation; and not for the nation only, but that he might also gather together into one the children of God that are scattered abroad.

  • Jesus died for all so that all believers that are scattered abroad should be gathered together into one children of God.
  • God wants also all Islam people to realize and accept that fact.

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Always ask these Questions and decide for yourself

  1. Who teach and practice the true God that brings true love and peace.
  2. Can I be in a true, loving relationship with this God?
  3. Can this give eternal hope and purpose in life…and certainty for eternal life.

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Testimonies: More Than Dreams:

You may find the DVD “More Than Dreams” helpful. People at a crossroads in life—crying with all their heart for a deeper understanding of God. It is said that in every person’s heart there exists a void only God can fill. In this collection of five true stories from around the world, you will meet those who have faced that emptiness head-on and risked all to fill it with the truth. They searched and discovered more than superstition, more than magic, more than ritual, more than religion, more than dreams…

More Websites For Christians, about Islam

 Grace and Truth  Many resources to study:

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Grace-and-truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims: An Affirmation  or Download it at the links underneath.

  • Grace_and_Truth_Affirmation.pdf
  • Grace_and_Truth_Exposition.pdf

More Resources:

Published on the Frontiers website (Check out these resources to help you in finding your place in God’s Kingdom):

  • Operation World – Pray more effectively for the World
  • State of the Gospel – Download Jason Mandryk’s presentation in Malaysia
  • Joshua Project – Seeks to bring definition to the unfinished task of the Great Commission
  • Greg Livingstone – A library of the writings and life of the founder of Frontiers, Greg Livingstone
  • WENSA – World Evangelisation Network of South Africa
  • CCM (SA) – Concerned Christians for Muslims
  • Mission Frontiers Magazine – Published bi-monthly by the U.S. Centre for World Missions dedicated to “A Church for Every People”.
  • Praying for Muslims – Join us in praying for the Muslim World
  • Preparing to go – Practical steps you can take in preparing to go
  • Kairos Course – To see the whole Church mobilized for cross-cultural mission to the world’s least-reached peoples.
  • Frontiers Website

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Muslim Journey to Hope:

  • See a number of Testimonies on this subject at this website…
  • “Caner die Turk is gedurig deur ‘n skoolmaat na Christelike byeenkomste genooi. Male sonder tal het hy ‘nee’ gesê omdat hy nie verwerp wil word nie – tot hy in sy matriekjaar uiteindelik toegee en saamgaan kerk toe. Vandag is hy ‘n besielende dissipelmaker vir ons Here Jesus. Sy getuienis plus dié van meer as sestig ander is te sien op  Klik dan op ‘n “watch” knoppie, kyk en geniet.

Sharing Christ with Muslims:


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