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How to Partner in Kingdom_Focus’s Internet-evangelism and Mobilization Ministry  

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  • In ABSA Bank cheque account: Vissers_vir_Christus
    • ABSA Centurion (Brance code 630-445)
    • Account no 230-156-042
  • In FNB cheque account: Kingdom_Focus
    • FNB Centurion (Branch code 250655)
    • Account no 626-7682-3307
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Yes, We are excited and grateful to live in this period of time on our way to 2020… 2025,  to be involved in expanding God’s Kingdom, to share the Good News of the Gospel with more people, because we believe that Jesus’ Vision in Matthew 24:14 (to be preached through all the world) can be attainable in our time because His Second Coming is ensured. Hallelujah!
Ja, Ons is opgewonde dankbaar om in hierdie tydvak op pad na 2020…2025 steeds te leef en betrokke te wees in die uitbreiding van God se Koninkryk, die Goeie Nuus van die Evangelie met meer mense te deel, omdat ons glo dat Jesus se Visie van Mat 24:14 (aan alle nasies te verkondig) juis in ons tyd haalbaar kan wees omdat Sy Wederkoms  verseker op hande is. Halleluja!